We have a new personal training studio! Our new studio will give us the chance to host private personal training sessions throughout the day. So why should you do personal training?


Personalized programming - Group class programming has a very broad goal - general fitness. We are trying to get you as good at as many different things as possible. In doing this you get to be exposed to many different elements, some of which are more difficult than others, but we don’t have enough time to really practice those more difficult skills regularly enough to make fast improvement. If you want a very specific element of your fitness to get better more quickly than we need more specialized programming. Maybe you want to get your first pull-up or muscle-up, do more specific training for your upcoming 5k, or for many people they are looking specifically for weight loss. While all those things will happen on a very gradual level with group programming, we can target those specific elements and improve them much faster when it’s targeted towards you.

Flexible Scheduling - Personal Training sessions are scheduled in advance with a Trainer based on your schedule. If you can’t make the specific time that a class starts on a certain day, then there are many more options for personal training. Or if your time is more limited you can get in a quick 30 minute session instead of committing to the longer hour time frame. With a specific schedule set in advance, you are also more accountable. Group classes require you to sign up, but you know they can still go on without you. Late for a PT session? You better believe your trainer is going to be calling, wondering where you’re at.

Individual Space and Attention - Are you not a group person? Or do you feel nervous and unprepared about the group setting? Personal training can offer a much more comfortable setting for fitness for many people. It’s ok to need help but not want other people working out with you. Feel like you’re lost in a world of fitness jargon and want someone to explain it to you? Having the full attention of a trainer allows you to feel comfortable asking for help at any and every point you need it. Do you have and injury that requires more specific exercises or attention? Injuries can be a major sticking point in a person’s fitness journey, but Trainers are knowledgeable enough to help you work around them while they heal. You may feel like you have to push through it if you’re in a group, but individual space and attention give a trainer enough time to make sure that the workout fits you and you’re not trying to fit the workout.

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