Fitness on Vacation

Vacations are great.  Relaxation, seeing new sights, de-stressing; these are all things that are important to living a fulfilled life.  The small drawback is that it inevitably throws you off your routine, including exercise.  I get asked to write vacation workouts from a lot of people, and I usually have two responses:

"Do you actually want to do it?"  and

These questions are to get you to think about whether this is something that's feasible given your plans for vacation, and if you're taking a vacation to relax, getting you to think about why getting in a workout is still important to you.  If you have a specific competition or date in the future that you're working towards being in specific shape, then maybe it is important enough for you to plan ahead and make time for it.  Maybe it's not really a vacation, but a work trip where you're not focused on relaxation and fun activities. In these situations, it's great to be part of the CrossFit community because most CrossFit boxes allow you to drop-in for a workout.  Find the closest CrossFit box to where you're staying, give them a call/email to let them know which class you would like to attend, and you can still get in a great workout.

 If that is the main point of your vacation then I say forget "workouts."  Do something active that you wouldn't normally do.  Go snorkeling, hiking, walk the city, explore while running, play in a park, play sand volleyball, play golf, chase your kids, etc.  It doesn't really matter, but find a way that you can express your fitness.  In CrossFit, sometimes it's easy to forget that we don't train to be better at exercise, we train to be better at life.  So go out, enjoy your vacation, do something active, and when you come back, scale your first workout(s) back until your body can readjust to the exercise.