Meet Our Members: Cason Herd


What brought you to CF Alacrity?

A family member had tried it out and suggested that I give it a go, one day they finally broke me down and I went with them.


What was your first impression? Has that changed at all?

My first impression of CF was what I saw on TV and the internet, everyone making fun of CrossFit people and such for always talking about how they do CF.  Well after my first couple of sessions I started to really like it.  I liked the intensity of the workout and the people I was working out with.  Now after over a year of being with CF Alacrity I see why people talk about CF the way they do, because it’s awesome.


What are you most proud of so far?

I’m most proud of getting back into shape, I recently passed the ORPAT with time to spare and just completed my first Spartan Sprint with a 2:29:13.


What are you working on next?

I am going to continue with doing these 5k obstacle courses, I’m looking forward to October 7th Warrior Dash.


What’s your favorite CF Alacrity memory?

It must be the first Murph workout (our long annual Memorial Day workout) we did at CF Alacrity.  I just remember everyone pushing themselves to the absolute edge and everyone being there rooting each other on. I remember being absolute wiped out afterwards but feeling so satisfied.