Fitness Challenges – Yay or Nay?

It seems like anywhere you look on social media you will come across some type of challenge to do.  Some of these challenges are minutes long to days, weeks, or even months long.  You will see challenges involving all sorts of things from ice water, spices, food, crafts and fitness.

For our purpose we are going to chat about Fitness Challenges.  What are your opinions and/or views on these different fitness challenges?  Do you love them, hate them, think they are useful or pointless?

Our thoughts…..

Fitness challenges can be a great thing!  Using a challenge to test/increase your abilities in a certain fitness area is ideal.  Adding in an occasional fitness challenge is a good change to your fitness routine.  It keeps the variety in your fitness and helps to eliminate the body becoming complacent from a set fitness regimen.   

Some of us can find it hard to change things up or to incorporate different workout styles into our fitness.  Finding a buddy or a group to partake in a challenge with can increase your success/commitment rate and will help keep you accountable. 

Some challenges start on a certain day so don’t use that as a reason to not join that challenge once you find it.  Start from where the challenge is at or look back and start it from the beginning.  When you start doesn’t matter, what matters is that you started! 

If you are interested in a challenge we will be doing a Core Challenge for the month of December 2017 that is open to everyone.  You can find the group on FaceBook, just search CrossFit Alacrity Core Challenge.