New Year’s Resolutions… Love them? Hate them?

A New Year’s Resolution is something we have all heard of and very likely have all attempted, and even some of us may have achieved.  Common resolutions include fitness, food habits, quitting smoking, taking on new tasks/hobbies.  The ideas of what your New Year’s Resolution could be are limitless.

It’s common to hear that people are against New Year’s Resolutions or that they aren’t sustainable.  The most common reason behind this thought is, likely, because our Resolution is unrealistic or is such a large goal that an accomplishment is not easily felt.

For example, I will lose weigh in 2018.  Awesome! …. Well what does that look like?  What does a milestone look like?
Instead think…. My goal is to lose 10 pounds in 90 days and again what does that look like?  How will you accomplish this?  Have a plan and take small defined steps.

Most Resolutions go cold around the 3rd week.  We are a creature of habit and when we see all these changes we made aren’t changing anything yet we may say oh well.  Or an event may happen that throws us off coarse and again we say oh well.  The key will be to recognize, take note of what happened, allow yourself to be human, and move forward with your resolution from there.

Usually in a resolution you are changing something about yourself whether it is physical or mental and change alone can be extremely hard.  You're wired down a specific path or way of doing something or thinking and you are wanting to now alter that path... allow yourself to accept fault if you have a bad day and revert to your old ways.  BUT remember why you are changing what you are changing and start fresh the next minute, hour, or day.

Remember small achievable goals that you can build on …. Make a plan …. Find an accountability buddy …. most importantly Hiccups happen but they don’t define your success.