But Won’t Lifting Weights Make Me Bulky?

From time to time I have come across people, especially women, that want to “get fit” but don’t think that using weights is a good choice for them because of the fear of gaining big bulky muscle.

The fact is that is takes a lot of work, and a lot of time, to gain big bulky muscle and for women it’s a much longer, slooowwww process than it is for men. A person seeking this type of figure will not only have training built around that goal but also their food and supplement intake would be geared toward bulky muscle as well. Occasionally you come across some folks that are able to gain the muscle with ease, and genetics will play a bit in this area also but that’s whole different topic.

The key is what are your goals.... 
-Shed weight/Trim down? Add in the weights
-Tone up? Add in the weights
-Get stronger? Add in the weights
-Play your sport better? Add in the weights
-Keep up with your young kids energy? Add in the weights
-Fill in the blank? Add in the weights :)

The point is that lifting weights is beneficial regardless of our goals, the volume/load/x wk will be the varriable. 

Although the majority of people want the loose weight, tone up, and feel good when they look in the mirror. Weights are a great addition to any workout regimen to aide in achieving these goals faster.

There is a lot of information out there about interval training and how beneficial alternating between high intensity and low intensity, during a shorter workout, can be for burning calories and overall physical fitness. Including weights into this combination and you are strengthening your body by increasing cardiovascular capacity, developing muscular endurance, and of course burning calories.

Females... no need to do any special workouts separate from the men. Things like bench press, squats and deadlifts are just as beneficial to women as men.

In CrossFit we live by constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Some days we do 8-minute workouts with all-out effort to the opposite with a 24 minute workout with a focus on consistency and a sustainable pace. We use sport, weightlifting & throwing, gymnastics, metabolic conditioning, and nutrition to increase our neurological fitness and physical skills. In result creating the best version of ourselves.

Regardless of the type of exercise you choose to do don’t forget to add in the weights! At the very least we could all agree on the increased importance of muscle as we enter our elderly years, so why wouldn’t it be just as beneficial leading up until then?