Should I eat _______?

Its a loaded question. Should I eat this? It’s something my clients ask me often.

The answer isn’t black and white, there are no “good foods” and “bad foods”, there is only food (and food-like substances according to Michael Pollan). It all has calories and nutrients, maybe some more than others, but it acts as a fuel to get you through the day.

I like to say most foods fuel your body.
But some foods are so much more than just fuel.

Both are important. Chicken and brown rice and broccoli are going to fuel your body – to be it's best, even, in the right quantities.

But comfort food? That's so much more. That’s the stuff that eases the daydreams about what you might do to your kids if they don’t chill out soon. That’s the stuff that makes the rough days not seem so bad. But more than anything, that’s the stuff that celebrates. It celebrates life, friends, family, occasions, experiences. It feeds a part of life that is JUST as important.

So you decide, does this occasion need to fuel your body right now – or is it worthy of something special?

Whatever you decide, run with it. One thing I can promise is that the mind loves a good cake but there’s nothing that makes it hungrier than guilt and shame. So if you eat it, OWN it. Move on and prep that chicken for dinner.

Easy guide to deciding if you should eat that:
Are you SO PUMPED about eating this thing? Y/N
Is this going to be the best part of your day? Y/N
Does this look like its gonna melt in your mouth and give you daydreams for the next 2 weeks? Y/N
Are you going to feel SO DAMN SATISFIED after eating it?

If the answers are in the ballpark of “HELL YES” – eat it! Email me later and tell me how freaking good it was and how it fed your soul and you feel killer because it made your day!

If, the answers are all like “ehh, yeah, maybe, I dunno, I guess so…”
Screw it, you don’t even care about that cake! It’s not even gonna be that good and you probably have bigger goals. Fill your “ehh, maybe” times with chicken and veggies.
Save your soul food for that HELL YES feeling. Save your cheat meals and desserts for that HELL YES feeling.

Remember your goals, know them and be sure about them.
How you feel about your goals should be like, LET'S DO THIS.
The only thing that should compete with that is another HECK YES opportunity – like the best damn brownie you’ve seen all month.