Why Aren't You Doing CrossFit Yet?

Time, knowledge, and injury are the most common reasons I hear to not start CrossFit.  If you can’t take three hours out of your 168 each week to help keep your body healthy, then I’m really sorry.  You’ve drawn a rough card in life and are probably already doing all you can to keep you and your loved ones alive and well.  If you think you can manage just three hours a week at the gym, then I can make you fitter, healthier, and, as a result, happier.  If you don’t know what to do while you’re at the gym, no problem!  Every single class is led by a knowledgeable, certified trainer who will break down each movement for you and make sure you are doing it at an appropriate skill level.  There are many intimidating looking skills in CrossFit that take a lot of practice to master, but any worthwhile CrossFit coach will be able to break down the movement so that they meet you where you are.  I hear from many people that they don’t want to try CrossFit until they are more fit. No, no, no, you don’t go to CrossFit to show off your fitness, you go to CrossFit to improve your fitness.  This is one of the biggest misconceptions out there, so it bears repeating.  As my first CrossFit coach used to say, start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can.  All the amazing looking CrossFitters out there don’t look like that because they got really fit and then started it, they look like that because CrossFit works.  

But doesn’t everyone who does CrossFit get injured?  This is a commonly repeated myth, that has absolutely no truth to it.  The injury rates in CrossFit are consistent with any other physical activity.  The injury rates in running are reported to be about 50% of runners per year, with over 90% getting injured at some point in their running lifetime, but that rarely gets talked about.  Now, do the exercises that are essential to CrossFit put more stress on the body than the average gym routine? Yes, they do.  That’s how the body changes, by putting it under stress, which causes adaptation (aka fat loss and muscle gain).  CrossFit is successful because it has trained professionals leading and supervising its participants the entire time.  Coaches are taught to introduce new exercises through a model of mechanics, consistency, and then intensity.  Show me you can do it right, then show me you can do it right over and over, and only then do you get to do it faster or with more weight.  If your current exercise regimen is either boring, slowly injuring you, or isn’t providing the progress you want, then you need to at least give CrossFit a try.

Don’t wait to try CrossFit.  Don’t wait until you feel motivated or you think you have time in your day or until a small injury heals.  Being in the group will help motivate you.  If you can’t make time for your own health now, you never will.  The variety in CrossFit means there’s always a way to work around your injury.  There’s no time like the present to start, and every day that you don’t is a day you could have been working to improve yourself.  CrossFit is not just exercise; it’s base strength and conditioning that allows you to feel your best and get the most out of life.  We’re not trying to turn everyone into professional athletes, but being fit is a basic necessity to long lasting quality of life and confidence in your abilities.  And that’s something that everyone deserves.

The last big issue can be cost.  This deserves an article all its own, so click here to better understand the value of your CrossFit membership.

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