CrossFit Community

The real glue that makes CrossFit work is the group aspect.  All the individual parts of the methodology work well in the laboratory where you’re combining elements to create a perfect workout routine.  But even if you know how to constantly vary your workout elements, have perfect form, warm-up properly every time, and are great at pushing yourself to the limit, you will probably burn yourself out or lose your motivation at some point. 

Now just imagine if you had a whole gym full of people who were doing the same workout as you, and nobody has headphones.  You can't help but be more engaged in what you're doing, and a workout format that naturally makes people compete brings out the best in you.  Everyone is working toward the same goal of improved fitness, and the loudest cheers in the room aren’t for whoever finishes first but whoever finishes last.  Fitness knows no gender, so you’ve got guys and girls doing the same exercises right next to each other.  The end of class includes high fives and discussions about how to improve and get better for the next time.

The focus on positive achievements like your first push-up or a personal best lift creates a more motivating and encouraging atmosphere that, in turn, keeps you on track toward your goals.  At the end of the day it takes consistency to reach your fitness goals, and if you are loving each experience you have, then it’s much easier to keep going day after day, week after week.  What you will find is that most people start CrossFit for the results, but they stay for community.  If working out with your friends each day sounds appealing to you, then you should give CrossFit a try.

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